ASHWORTH FW19 Collection - An Unconventional Mix of Bold Colors and High-Tech Materials

ASHWORTH FW19 Collection

An Unconventional Mix of Bold Colors and High-Tech Materials


ASHWORTH, the trendsetting sportswear label, reveals a modern sporty style in this fall and winter that juxtapose functional designs, bold colors and high-tech materials, infusing the new wardrobe with energy. Marrying sleek silhouettes with impeccable details, the new PERFORMANCE and LEISURE collections impress with visual surprises and an unexpected athletic twist.



Designed for the active men and women, the collection sweeps away the seasonal dullness with a colorful palette ranging from yellow, coral, cherry red to slate blue, complemented with classic navy and grey. The three-dimensional embossed logo and dynamic lines run through the collection, adding a new dimension to the timeless sportswear. The pansies, ginkgo leaves and logo-inspired geometric patterns on the body and collars of the twin set complete a unique and layered look with an eclectic elegant twist.


Remarkable Performance Empowered by High-tech Materials

Using Polartec® fabric technology this season, the 100% made of premium polyester yarns creates a thermal layer that traps body heat to keep you warm, while the soft and light fleece-like material with anti-pilling treatment ensures lasting durability. The patented Polartec® Power Grid™ fabric with a distinctive mesh structure minimizes the contact between the fabric and the skin to reduce the overall weight, while sending moisture to the outer layer for maximum breathability and freedom of movement.


Jackets keep the energetic players warm in cold weather. The lightweight, hydrophobic OctaTM Loft synthetic insulation absorbs moisture and wick sweat for better breathability. With exclusive gradient printed zipper, the jackets further highlight the refined layers. Meticulous attention is also evident in the design and craftsmanship. Advanced knitting techniques and woven fabrics are combined to enhance stretchability and protection. Areas that lose heat easily (e.g. chest) feature woven fabrics and insulating cotton, while areas that require high breathability (e.g. underarms) are finished with the mesh knitting. The ability to keep warm and breathability are enhanced to offer warmth and comfort indoors and outdoors.


The pants are made of SOLOTEX® fibers that feature a spring-like, helical molecular structure. The fibres can not only retain its shape, but also resist wrinkles for extra elasticity. This innovative material also provides cushioning against external shocks, making it the best choice for outdoor activities. The performance pants made of Soft-Shell fabric exclusively developed by SCHOELLER® also offer protection against wind, water and sunlight, ensuring breathability, warmth, flexibility and softness. The upper layer made of water-proof synthetic fibers works with the thin and breathable mid-layer and the warm fleece base layer to provide full protection, allowing the active ones to explore the world freely.



Inspired by the “Sunshine State” Florida, the ASHWORTH FW19 women’s wear collection adopts a soft palette of lilac, violet, turquoise, navy and taupe. The pure lily and colorful butterfly motifs designed with the exquisite embroidery lend elegance and style to the collars and the body. The understated yet playful houndstooth pattern allows women to flaunt their sophisticated beauty in every move. The lively lily prints also appear on the collars of men’s polo shirts. Featuring seasonal cool colors such as blue and taupe, the color-blocking design injects an extra dose of vigor.


The lightweight white goose down jackets provide a robust thermal layer built of fine and long feathers. The slim-fit or clinched waist design keep you warm while showcasing their elegant charm and personality. The lily and butterfly patterns once again brighten up the monochromic convertible jackets, making them the ideal choices for travel.


The new generation cotton pants push the boundaries of materials and design further.   The technical fiber made with the anti-shrink THERMOLITE® and highly breathable COOLMAX® materials, providing space to form a thermal layer and wick moisture at the same. The high-performing fibers offer you breathability and comfort all day long. The high content of cotton blended fibers elevates softness and elasticity, allowing the outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy expedition to the fullest.


The LEISURE collection also drew inspiration from Montana. The natural hues of maroon, dark green, navy and taupe merge beautifully with the impeccable details to manifest the House’s unparalleled creativity. The sweatshirts for him pay tribute to the tranquility of the natural world through the silhouettes of reindeers and forests, while the polo shirts play in contrast colors exudes a vibrant air. Inspired by the swan lake, the looks for her are finished with elegant swan patterns created by three-dimensional and appliqué embroideries, complemented with sleek and romantic smocking details. The velvet set adorned with gold feather embroidery and pearls take sophisticated elegance to a new level.   

The ASHWORTH FW19 men’s and women’s wear collections reveal an effortless statement of style by cleverly marrying cutting-edge materials and impeccably crafted details, setting the hottest trends of the season.